Day 22: Change in Pace

It was a tough day to start because I had written myself into a corner. I was at the end of Chapter Thirteen with no way to finish it and no idea how Chapter Fourteen would start, or what it was going to be about. All of a sudden I had a revelation out of nowhere and was racing away with Chapter Fourteen.

The plot took a nasty turn for the main character and propelled me away from the corner I’d written myself into. It was one of those beautiful moments in writing that reminds me why I love the process! With a tiring week ahead of me that’ll take a cut out of my writing, this was the perfect time for a enthusiasm booster like that.

It resulted in me exceeding my goal by a few hundred words too. I’m now over 120 pages and 41,000 words. I’ve only got three more writing days this week (missing three because of graduation and the aftermath days, unfortunately) so I’ll end the week just short of 45,000 and a little over 130 words. Then it’s into the college course and a year of rocket launching my writing experience.

In other news, I’m back to work tomorrow for another five week campaign in college. I’m doing the same thing again, calling graduates to raise funds for scholarships. This is my third campaign so I’m very comfortable with it now and it’s pretty cool because all the new people turn to me and some of the other returning callers for advice and guidance. Takes a lot of the pressure off!

Day 21: Markers Shmarkers

I’ve been up a loooong time and really thought today would be the day that I caved. But I didn’t! I’ve hit my goal and stopped immediately after. Hitting the 40,000 marker today isn’t all that important, seeing as I’ll hit it tomorrow.

So this is a very short post as I’m falling asleep as I type this.

Lesson Learned: No matter how tired I am and how much I want a break, I feel ten times better once I hit the goal.

Day 20: Slow, Then Fast

Today was a weird day. I was quite tired by the time I got down to writing and as a result, I started out really slow. It wasn’t even THAT slow, it just seemed to go on and on and on.

Then out of nowhere I went from 400 to 1,000 words in a matter of minutes. I blinked and BAM I was there.

So I whacked out an extra 200+ words above my goal, which means that if I do the same tomorrow I’ll hit the 40,000 word mark. Huzzah!

Once again, the novel tricked me and I still have to finish up this chapter before I get to the meatier bit. It’ll be interesting to see how this transfers over when I edit, but for now it’ll do poiiiifectly. Tomorrow will more than likely finish Chapter Thirteen and then Chapter Fourteen is when it definitely starts speed up. It’ll be a decent pace from there until the late teens, after which it will explode. It’ll naturally pick up as the main character develops a plan and once his hunt goes worldwide it gets fast.

I’m still at least a week from the chapter I really want to write and another week from that until the one I REAAAALLY want to write. It’s one that gives me chills every time I’m there and if i hit it right when it comes to editing, it’s the type that would give people nightmares/inhibit their life. What can I say? I’m a bit sadistic like that…

I’m up at 7.30am tomorrow to get out to college for a training day for work (woo…). It’s paid, which is nice, but it’s going to be long and tedious. So it’ll be a late arrival home with little energy, but fingers crossed I’ll be motivated to hit the 40,000 mark.

Next week will be chaotic with graduation, work and training taking up every single day and I’m too tired to figure out the specifics, but I’m going to miss a good few days. I think it’s three days that I’m missing… It sucks, but what’cha gonna do?

If all else goes to plan I’ll be around 45,000 words by the time my college course starts. That’s when it’ll be interesting to see how I stick with it as I’ll have frequent writing assignments, on top of work and training and general life stuff. I’ll make it work. I’ve come to far in this draft to let it fall to the wayside!

Day 19: Technically Day 20 But…

If we were going to get technical, I missed day 19 and this is day 20. That’s because I started a little after midnight. Oopsie!

Today had a long and tedious start with the hunt for a dry cleaners to get my suit ready for my college graduation. It took a lot longer than expected, let’s just put it that way… When I came back I had to do another 50-ish minutes for a Fiverr gig for the massive income of $8. Booyah!

Then I let the rest of the day get away from me and before I knew it it was technically Saturday. I ended up strolling past the 1,000 mark and if I didn’t have to get up early, I’d push for a few more hundred words. Most of today’s writing was pointless as I’m almost 100% positive that the first 500-700 words were riddled with contradictions to many previous parts. That’ll be fun to edit.

Tomorrow will be a lot of dialogue, which so far this novel has dipped in and out of, so it’s going to be a nice break and change of pace. It’ll also land me close to 39,000 and since I’m getting up at 9am for football training, I’ll have a lot of the day to strive for that marker.

I’m incredibly tempted to push another 400 words out tonight…

On a side note, I’ve gone the majority of this month posting about my progress and little else (and I mean very little else). Yet, my follower count continues to grow and my likes-per-post remain the same. WordPress is a funny place and even though my 500+ followers are almost all in hiding, it still makes me happy whenever I see that little orange glow.

Even though it should have me busy, once I get back to college I anticipate I’ll have some extra posts with alternate content being put up. Right now I have no time commitments other than football (next week will be hectic with graduation though), so I’m focused solely on writing. Once I have stuff to do I’m bound to get ideas for posts!

Until then… tune in for day 20.

Day 18: Late Blitz

I spent a lot of the early parts of today working on some stuff for – I’m translating audio files to text for clients and it’s time consuming stuff! Still, can’t complain with some extra cash.

I did this pretty much from the moment I woke up until I had to go for training, stopping only for food breaks. By the time I got home from training it was a little after 9 and by the time I was finished with dinner and some family relaxation, it was beyond half 11.

Usually, this would be tiresome and challenging. Not today. Not now that I have the run going. I stampeded towards my goal in about half an hour, cutting my recent time in half. Pretty handy for a late start.

I finished Chapter Twelve today and ended up finishing on 109 pages, so it’ll be tomorrow that I hit the 110 mark. The story has just taken the pivotal transfer from start to middle, with the main character uncovering a method and direction for solving the mystery and defeating the serial killer. Now the fun will really begin. The next few chapters will start to up the ante with his knowledge growing up and a few added complications, which will then snowball into a few cross-world airplane flights and a fast paced game of cat and mouse.

Depending on whether or not I go much over my goals in the next three days, I’ll be getting near (or past) the 40,000 word marker by the end of Sunday, which is pretty sweet. This will most likely end in the 70,000-100,000 ball park so it’ll be pretty much the halfway mark.

Day 17: First Draft Rambles or Writing Maturity?

As I hit my goal on the 17th day I can’t help but wonder what this draft is all about in terms of my writing. I’ve crossed the 35,000 word marker and I’ve still a long way to go. The story is picking up pace and yet there is still a helluva lot of bits to do. There’s a chance the pace will rapidly explode and I end up with another too-short first draft, or I might finally write a first draft that exceeds the length a novel should be. Here’s hoping!

I’m currently writing Chapter Twelve and what’s interesting is that most of my chapters are 3,000 words or more. Usually I hit 1,500-2,500. I don’t know if the increased length is because I’m focusing on plot, not writing (and let me tell you, when I use “terror” for the fourth time on one page I know I’m definitely not focused on the writing!), or if it’s because my writing has matured and I’m allowing myself to set the scene more. Obviously I’ll only find out when it comes to editing the novel, but I really hope it’s my writing has matured.

The lengthier scenes keep catching me off guard because I keep thinking “Today I’m going to write about X and Y” but then I only end up writing about X. Strangely, this isn’t making me disheartened or making me lose interest. I’m dying to write the scenes later in the book when it gets more intense, but I’m loving the build up.

Tomorrow will set me close (or just beyond) page 110, so I guess that’s my mini extra goal for tomorrow! I have training once again so I’ll have the usual battle with tiredness, but it’s convenient that my fitness is rising as my writing confidence does, so it’s a battle that gets easier each week!

Day 16: Back in Action!

After having a nice few days away with my girlfriend, I’m back in action.

I came home after seeing her off to the bus and had to shoot off for training. It was exhausting but entertaining and I’m playing some of my best football in years! It left me exhausted and, since I have been away for a few days, writing was going to be a massive challenge.

I really wanted to skip it, but then I checked my blog and remembered how much I had done consecutively. It would be foolish to let it slip because of tiredness and laziness.

So that’s how I got to my goal with a slow writing session that took an hour on the dot. It was quite difficult to get back into the feel of the novel and recapture the essence, which resulted in some god awful writing, but I got the words down and that’s what matters. Tomorrow will mark the real twist in the novel, when the tables start to turn and the main character starts to get some more power and possibility for success in surviving the ordeal.

This rough day has put me in high spirits and I can’t wait to dig in tomorrow! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.